Types Of Investigations


Cases We Handle

Torque Investigations offers an extensive range of professional investigations for attorneys, law firms, corporations, businesses, organizations and private individuals throughout the Phoenix area and the entire State of Arizona. Our services include: 

• Surveillance
Covert surveillance operations/ alternative surveillance for many reasons, such as locating a missing person, basic visual of surrounding , observation of GPS, Criminal investigations. Threat assesment 

(we do not handle domestic cases such as cheating spouse)

• Digital Background/Social Media 

in-depth tracking of someones"digital profile" for many purposes including harrasment, theft, identity theft, locating a person etc .

• Criminal Investigations
Theft, robbery, assault, homicide and other types of crimes investigated. 

• Threat Assesment 

detecting and assesing situations or threats or attempts made in home, office, vehicle. etc ensure saftey of client/guest/colleges.

• TSCM (Bug Sweeping)
Eavesdropping device and wiretap detection for homes, vehicles, offices, board rooms, etc.

Coming soon 

K-9 Service/ narcotics detection for use in private schools/group homes/ buisnesses etc

For All Other Types Of Investigations

Please contact us so we may better understand your case and refer you to the most qualified firm for your needs. Thank You.