Tracking somebody down, or "Skip Tracing" as it is called, is both an art and a science, our team specializes in tracking people down with 9+ years of experience specifically apprehending fugitives, we have the knowledge and experience you need in the apprehension of your  "skip", with proper apprehension techniques as well as our determined attitude to find your "skip" , why let them be the one who gets away?  

Everyone has to survive, by that I mean eat, sleep, some kind of social interaction.

Basically, there is always a trail, there is many different ways to find it, social media, pre-texting, friends, family members. Etc 

​A lot of times your best information comes from someone else. 

We could go on for several paragraphs about tracking people down but who wants to sit and read ten paragraphs?  I know I don't, It is simple if you need someone tracked down and apprehended call us anytime, what do you have to lose? 

Call us 24/7, and by that I mean we always answer the phone, that is not just a tag line. 

PHONE: 520-329-0742 or Email us Info@detectivesaz.com